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 Managing multiple accounts for your clients is a demanding and time  consuming task. At Hudss Bank we strive to offer the most streamlined  solution to this task and we are proud to present Hudssbank Associate  i-Bank service. By combining high-end technology with an easy to use  interface, Hudssbank Associate i-Bank service offers unique functionality  combined with the highest standards of data encryption. 



 Hudssbank concept has always been one of personalized banking  solutions, tailored to the unique needs and individual requirements of  each client.

Our team  comprises highly qualified professionals, each with many years of  experience in their respective fields. Together people and technology  results to a unique banking solution.                                              

Why Us?



At HudssBank, we combine decades of expertise and the latest  technologies, delivering to you a banking solution that not only meets  your expectations, but exceeds them.

Our innovative approach has made Hudssbank the bank of choice for  private and corporate clients seeking a more relaxed and convenient  banking solution.

Our philosophy is one of values and integrity. This is best reflected  in the way our people apply themselves to your needs, offering a truly  personal service, tailored to your precise requirements and  expectations.


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Contact Us

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